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Clinical Counselling

Why Seek Counselling

We all experience difficulties in life, some we can manage on our own, and some that might feel like they will tear us apart and never end.  In many cases, we hope that these difficulties will just “Go Away.”  Unfortunately this approach can lead to depression, divorce, anxiety attacks, family dysfunction and other traumatic symptoms.  Counselling is a way to deal with these difficult issues in a safe environment with a caring and empathic counselling professional.   By becoming aware of your difficulties and dealing with them in the early stages, you have the opportunity to take control of your life in a positive and creative manner.

Counselling can provide the means for greater awareness and choice in relating to life’s challenges.

What to Expect

In a counselling session, you will be able to talk to a trained professional, in a confidential setting about difficult issues in your life. Each session is generally one hour.  In the first session we will often look at your particular concerns, discuss your expectations, and determine whether we will be able to work together.  We will then begin to form a plan for dealing with your particular issues.

In subsequent sessions we will work on whatever issues you may wish to bring to light.  This may include looking at past, and present patterns of thinking, feeling, and behaviour.  There is also an opportunity to examine your personal values and beliefs related to your situation.  Your lived experiences will have the chance to be seriously considered.

Ultimately it is up to you to decide how far and how deeply you wish to explore your personal problems.  I will bring to bear all of my experience, training, empathy, and intuition to your particular concern.  Together we will work toward getting you into a better space in life.