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Yoga Therapy

What is Yoga Therapy?

Yoga Therapy is a gentle, yet powerful healing practice.  The ancient, holistic practice of yoga deeply calms the nervous system and rebalances body chemistry, allowing our body’s innate healing abilities to be restored and strengthened.  Yoga Therapy is offered to individuals seeking relief from pain and discomfort, and serves as an excellent complement to other clinical therapies, or as a practice on its own.

Yoga Therapy classes at Bodhi Tree Wellness Centre are very small, highly personalized and taught with deep respect for each individual.  Yoga Therapy classes offer you an opportunity for deep relaxation (nidra), deep breathing (pranayama), gentle, effective and biomechanically sound movement (asana), restoration of calm and clarity through meditation (dhyana), and the experience of deep healing states (samadhi).  We realign and reconnect ourselves in both body and mind.

Individuals experience a reduction in stress, pain and agitation of body, emotions and mind, and increased vitality, ease and comfort.  This very gentle and specific approach to healing with yoga offers hope and real improvement to people suffering with anxiety, depression, pain, inflammation, digestive difficulties, sleep disruption, cancer, arthritis, multiple sclerosis, any disruption to the body’s natural balance.


Private and Semi-Private Yoga Therapy sessions are specifically designed to meet your unique needs and are delivered with individual, personalized instruction.

Give yourself time to breathe, to reconnect with your true self, and to heal.